Residential Appraisals

Residential appraisals are a key part of the services provided by Garrett Appraisal Service. We have placed an emphasis on Warren County as our primary service area so we would be extremely knowledgeable and reduce travel time. We do serve at least parts of all adjoining counties.

Our single-family residential appraisals include relocation appraisals, primary mortgage appraisals, secondary mortgage appraisals, FHA, divorces, estates, estate planning, pre-listing appraisals, tax appeals and many more. Mortgage appraisals include all different products requested for various needs. We do complete review appraisals and appraisals on two to four family properties.

Our primary data sources are Cincinnati MLS, Dayton MLS and the web sites for the local county auditors where we are able to access their databases. We also utilize our database of sales information. Since we service a relatively small area, we are blessed to be able to reuse sale data. The links to the local county auditors are provided.

Warren County

Butler County

Hamilton County

Clermont County

Clinton County

Greene County

Montgomery County

Our FHA and mortgage related appraisals are completed on the appropriate Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae form. Our relocation appraisals are completed on the standard ERC form. Both of the above have built in scope of work, intended use and intended user information that restricts the use of the appraisal form for mortgage purposes or relocation purposes. Thus, all other residential appraisals are completed on general-purpose residential appraisal forms provided by our software provider, Alamode.

James A. Garrett is available as an expert witness on completed residential appraisals if needed and arrangements have been made in advance.