Eminent domain is a specialty appraisal type that Garrett Appraisal Service is well trained and active. Eminent domain work requires detailed appraisals that likely will have to be defended with expert witness testimony.

Many times eminent domain appraisals are when a government agency is taking a part of a property for road or local project rather than the whole property. The government must provide "just compensation" to the property owner for the part of the property taken and for any damages. The part taken may only be by easement or it may be fee simple ownership. An easement or fee simple taking can cause damages, but does not have to.

A partial taking eminent domain appraisal requires an appraisal report valuing the whole property prior to any government involvement. This is the value before the taking. Then a value of the property after the government has taken the interest in the property they need must be supported. This is the value after the take. The just compensation is the difference between the value before the take and the value after the take. The just compensation is often broken down between the value of the property taken and the value of the damages.

Eminent domain appraisals are unique and most appraisers are not qualified nor would they want to do that type appraisal work. Different agencies or courts may require different definitions of market value. Writing appraisals that will meet the scrutiny of owners, government agencies and with stand thorough reviews and cross-examination on the witness stand is not easy. Garrett Appraisal Service is uniquely qualified to do this type of appraisal work, particularly in the residential, rural and farm areas of southwestern Ohio.